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The principal PURPOSE of GAMANK Petroleum trading is to source and SUPPLY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS.
(Crude oil, Gas & all types of oil products.)

The Company has focused on one VISION only; to be the ONLY SOURCE that our clients need and to become the only producer, supplier of oil and oil products to our valued clients, instead of dealing with a list of resellers as the existing "other suppliers" do in the trade without total security to deliver the products.

The majority of our current customers include top-tier multinational corporations and governments making us producers of vast amount of products. Because of our partners having their own crude oil reserves and long term purchasing agreements with main Russian crude oil suppliers as well as having processing agreements with 8 high capacity refineries, puts us in a position to satisfy orders from a vast number of potential new clients.

To accommodate the company's clients and keep competitive in the market, Gamank, established offices in UK and US. Our partner has engaged as a Majority Shareholder in TWO main Holding companies in the Russian Federation & in Belorussia in March 2010. Both companies have had existing agreements and a stable relationship with the main crude oil suppliers and only the most reliable refineries. Due to this Engagement, we have been transformed to now hold and stand as one of the "MAJOR DIRECT SUPPLIERS OF OIL & REFINED PRODUCTS ".