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Peter Sharper (Director for UK & Europe)

Born Yorkshire, UK, in 1953, Peter Sharper made his early career as a pilot in the Royal Air Force - but eventually utilising his degree in Biology within the multinational pharmaceutical industry as an international marketing specialist.

During the 1980's & 1990's his own companies (Intertec & Interpharm Technologies) became some of the largest suppliers of pharmaceutical equipment & technology to China's massive pharmaceutical industries & also to other countries. China evolved her own pharmaceutical equipment & technology industry through the industry base of what today is known as AVIC Group / China Aerospace, with whom Peter Sharper today has a close relationship & co-operation agreement. This relationship became important to the Commonwealth of Nations in London who appointed Peter as Head of Projects & Technology in the Commonwealth Business Council in 2010. He engineered a significant Agreement of Cooperation between AVIC of China & the Commonwealth Business Council in 2010.

Today, Interpharm Technologies continues this work in bridging the needs of Africa to the capabilities of China through AVIC Group. In addition, Peter Sharper & Mr Shen Ruikang of the China Europe Council for Economic Cooperation have developed a close working relationship for the integration of global resources into a working business platform to deliver crude oil, refined products, & gas to China's massive industrial system - in a way that can also greatly benefit the supplier countries & organisations. Their partnership & integration with Gamank of Ghana, utilising Gamank's unique oil industry knowledge & finance industry experience, has created in the Gamank Joint Venture an important global organisation with a profile of knowledge, experience, integrity & capability.

Ruikang Shen (Director for Asia & China)

Ruikang Shen initially started his business with 28 workers and 3 engineers by setting up a small steel equipment manufacturer and with the focus on steel equipment building for oil chemical industry that was before he went to university study in 1971.

Later, he has carried out various business responsibilities, e.g. worked at the CITIC Europe Office, China Hong Kong Trade Centre as Deputy Director; served at China Foundation as Chairman of the board; co-founded OT Financial BV as Managing Director; and acted as the Managing Director at the China Europe Centre for Economic Cooperation.

He has years of experiences in large quantity commodity trade; national activity management; steel and machinery industry management; modern agricultural industry management; education and art management.