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Sep 4, 2014

A consultant in investment and business finance , oil and gas, training and management

Gamank Investment Group is an investment brokerage boutique dedicated to inbound and outbound cross border deal solutions focused on companies in emerging markets. Our primary goal is to connect global pools of capital and new pockets of opportunity with our continually growing emerging market clientele – creating win-win solutions. What epitomises us best is our global reach,uncompromising commitment to excellence, relentless focus on bringing value to our clients and speed in delivery of results.

The firm views profi ts, not as a goal, but as a natural result of quality – a manifestation of client satisfaction. We view ourselves as a conduit of innovation and value creation among companies, market opportunities and investors.

Building on our core capital-raising competence, Gamank is today recognised for its cross border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity involving the emerging markets such as Ghana. We specialise in originating, developing and shepherding high value, strategic international deals – both serving emerging market companies in their global pursuits and international companies in furthering their emerging market and inorganic growth strategies.

Gamank has participated in M&A transactions valued in excess of US$2 billion particularly in the oil and gas, and mining sectors; and has advised on equity and other financings in excess of US$100 million in areas such as infrastructure, engineering, telecom, mining, hospitality, and many others in Africa.

Gamank positions itself today at the forefront of a new and vibrant Ghana, aiming to open doors to big ticket international finance and strategic M&A opportunities. In these challenging times, we are especially equipped to bring innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Gamank has established an impeccable reputation reflecting its superior performance and high levels of client satisfaction. The extensive experience of our executive team of investment bankers is buttressed by the stature and global insights of our eminent Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

Gamank has served clients in industries as diverse as convergence metals, natural resources, infrastructure, logistics, restaurants, hospitality, finance, aviation, technology, real estate, retail and engineering.

The intensity of our focus on the myriad nuances of emerging markets like Ghana and the depth of our professionals’ experience and breadth of our relationships and influence, all enable Gamank to produce ground-breaking work when traditional solutions fall short of achieving client goals.

Our equity placements usually range between US$5 million and US$500 million although size is not a constraint for us. Debt placements tend to be much larger. Often, we cover multiple layers of the capital structure in a single transaction. For the right opportunity, there is no limit.

Pragmatic companies implementing aggressive growth plans turn to us to arrange international capital and provide quality advice. Our investor portfolio spans the entire business spectrum from buyout funds, growth oriented private equity funds, mezzanine investors, crossover buyers, distress investment funds and family offices. We count among our close banking relationships some of the world’s largest and most renowned banks.

This broad, robust and geographically diverse network of international investors and lenders is the cornerstone of our ‘fast track’ financial intermediation capabilities. Likewise, our network of relationships across all continents ensures a constant flow of M&A deals across a very wide range of sectors and geographies.

Simply put, our mission is your mission.